My Utopia
Back to the grind
I currently working on my 4 day weekend. UGH!! Crazy nurse was in full mode yesterday. Sometimes, I wonder why she became a Nurse? HH sent me my 4 checks with this cryptic message inside. I guess I have to submit my notes week to week. That is really fucked up!! Now, I have to factor that in. It's the beginning of a new week, payday is coming and I got shit to do!
I am TMI

I hate periods. Why??? Bleeding like a stuck pig is not cute. I have packed my work bag with all my essentials and will time my changes. OMG!! I wish I was off. My new patient is not that bad. He is actually a nice man with a massive amount of health problems. I stayed about a half an hour on the first day which was great. I had to give up the moolah for Daddy’s truck. I hope in the morning I don’t stay long and I can go run some errands for myself. Oh, I got my oil change and my tires rotated. My Car still sounds crazy so I think that I need to get a tune up or a muffler. Plus my baby needs to be detailed. I need to find something for lunch and do my hair. I am feeling gross. 


Another Monday Random Rant

On the slow bop today!! I don’t want to go to work! My Dad just called and he need $800 bucks for his truck. Not to mention I need to really paid some shit off, do some personal shit myself, and get back on a regular routine. My class reunion is in Jamaica and they are having something this weekend (I GOT TO WORK). This weekend flew by. I got a new patient that I really don’t know where he lives.Did a dry run and I couldn’t find it. Pray that I will find it tomorrow (have directions). I need a cold container for my trunk for my ice hauls. I get really annoyed by the preggers at the job. Do they have to rub their bellies all the time? I bought some new shoes two(BOBS) at Shoe Carnival, some small bottle of fragrances at BBW, Ulta run, and Sallys. DId that in two days with my sister who hipped me to a new app RETAILMENOT.  Really want to go back to TJ Maxx and get that Micheal Kors shirt. I don’t have no summer shit. Have one more month and summer will be gone. The Fair, movies, Navy Pier, and Indy run. I just want to have some kind of fun. 

I am done!!! Getting ready to go to work!! Got to be early because if you are one minute late your ass is tardy. I really think my employer wants to fire some people. I know the morning RN should be the main target cause her ass is always late!!Why live two hours away from your job??

People are stupid and weird.

You need to be purged

Why do you have an abundance of FB friends when most of them never talk to you?? Or you have those co-workers that love to comment on your lastest status to find out what is really going on. I am going to start a privacy and friend purge!! Who is with me!! No bloodshed just piece of mind that those nosey THOTs are put off of your page.

I hate Wednesdays

I really don’t but this week I been beyond tired and just want to be left alone. This morning, I had only one patient. I wanted to go get my oil changed but I didn’t do it because I was lazy. Yes, I said “Lazy”. Suppose to got my tires rotated and I didn’t do that either. So much to do, so little time, and no motivation. I wish that I had the old me back. I swear I use to get shit done for myself but now I am an afterthought. But when I have time, I am so tired that I just don’t want to do anything. 

This week in Home Health both of my nurses are ASSHOLES. I have scheduled days with my people. Today, one came at the end of my visit. Come to find out she must have opened a new patient in the area and she decided to come by. Wow, really?? Lucky for me, my 93  y.o patient knows what is up and she never lets on that I really don’t do too much. Whatever she wants me to do but most of the time I read her the paper or talk to her. She was talking to the daughter. This Nurse doesn’t read the paper or watch the news. Stupid!! She was complaining about being in traffic on Monday because of a funeral (for a COP). Big dummy, you should learn different routes. Tomorrow, my other nurse is suppose to come on the same day. I going there early so I can get her in the shower and leave. Most HH patient like it when you are spaced out.  Come to find out it is her re-certification day. Now the office gave me another patient in the area. Trying to see if I can get him on the M/W rotation. Time it well that I have just 2 1/2 hours to kill before going to see my lady at her time.Just got to check the information. Guess, what no information on how to take care of him but he weigh under 500. WOW!! We shall see how this goes. 

 Since my Co-worker is off, it is kind of lonely. I hate the other girls because they are super lazy. Who leaves a box of gloves empty on the rack, leave linens in bathrooms, and shit on bedpans. Her little boy is getting some weight on so that is promising. But she going to quit because it is too much to be driving from where she lives and child care. Young folks need to consider that when they buy homes. I sound like an old person but it is true. Gas and weather is really a factor. They just wasn’t thinking. But back to the girls at work, They suck!! Day shift especially sucks. To see an aide go back into the lounge to chill with the day nurse then come back out to do her job really astounded me. Bitch, get on it. That is why folks aren’t done and then she leave the linen behind cause she is tired. REALLY?? Then the evening girl is a scatterbrain and she doesn’t do half of what she suppose to do. Specimen are left behind  patients aren’t turn so when I come in I got to do everything. MOFOS!!

 I am off. Going to call it a night, get ready to go to work. So much to do before the start of the new week. Wish me luck!!

Living for my Days off!!

My next day off will be Tuesday!! I can’t wait! then I am off the weekend. I really wanted to have a three day so I could go to IBE. but that ain’t going to fly. Dad has a follow up appointment which I am happy that is on Friday and its early!! After i got off here did all I had to do. Realizing that I left my bags in the car from yesterday so I have to get shit together in house and pull some stuff from my bags when I get to the car. So clusterfucked!! Moving my tire rotation to either Monday or Tuesday. Make calls on Monday to get my stuff fixed, and I have to get money to get Dad’s truck done. Being #1 sucks!!

I need a mofo vacation from life

Y’all I am so fucking tired. Dad came through his cryotherapy treatment but he has to have a catheter for a week. Lord, telling my sister and mother that I want it emptied every 8 hours was a trip. They both was whiny about it. Now I know why God put more on me, cause I can handle that shit. Even when I was sick, I knew no one was going to help me but me, My x, mother, and my sister (at less she tried) don’t have that caring bone. I care too fucking much at the expense of myself. Boo being responsible!!

I need to do weight training. My belly is looking kind of preggers so I need to really get a cincher, eat clean, and exercise. I was to look hella find come next summer so my old ass can go and mingle with other old asses at an All Class Event. 

So wanted to go see the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. POA are on my top movies I love, along with the HP and old school classics. They should have done a marathon plus the reboot. That would put me in heaven.

I haven’t gotten my mani/pedi this season. My toe nails were looking like Wolverine so I had to cut some. My fourth toe had a break in the nail like real low so I had to cut that one to see if it will grow out. No Birks for me. I need some summer shoes!!

Well, I am off to purge some shit, get some laundry ready to take to my parents ( washers are out yet again and who reported them:ME), and I got to do my paperwork for HH (8 entries). My dumb ass was suppose to do it today but I got the duty of going to get my Dad who was discharge this morning. Mom had a Dr appointment moved up and my sister was asleep. God protect my poor Dad for the incompetent!!




My activity spikes every Wednesday because of this post 

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Tired Tuesday

I am exhausted. I have two patients, a parent who going to surgery, a full time job, and personal responsibilities.  No time for self or to examine what I need to tell to back off. My patients are great. I have no problem with them. I make a small drop in the bucket compared to my load a year ago. My Dad and family are working my nerves. I have new greys in my hair now that my Dad asking me for a loan to fix his truck. My job is a bitch. We are getting a raise but I have to work with the most laziest people on the planet. And my personal responsibilites are as following: Financial, my Car, my health and my apartment that I allowed to get out of hand. I got to get it together!

Don’t know who these people are but I love the cleaning schedule. Putting it in my Task list.